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STEP Energy Services and NCS Multistage Push the Limits with Record Breaking Well

Calgary, AB (December 10, 2018)– With the continued industry trend of deeper, longer laterals with high fracturing intensity, Kicking Horse Energy Inc. (Kicking Horse) called upon STEP Energy Services (STEP), along with NCS Multistage (NCS) and RM Engineering, to help complete the Company’s deepest 2 inch annular frac to-date in the Montney formation.

In September, STEP’s integrated services successfully fractured 228 stages with 227 NCS sleeves breaking the previous record of 168 sleeves. All sleeves were fractured with a single NCS tool run. STEP’s 15 k custom designed 2 inch (50.8 mm) 7,400 m coiled tubing string reached a total measured depth of 6,900 m, fracturing at a rate over 4.5 m3/min, and at pressures up to 68 MPa.

“This record-breaking operation wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the effective pre-planning of our professionals and partnerships with other innovative, like-minded companies like NCS and Kicking Horse” says Todd Rainville, vice president sales and engineering at STEP. “They put their trust in us and support out-of-the-box thinking, which gives us the ability to push industry limits.”

Tim Willems, chief operating officer at NCS Multistage, adds, “Thanks to Kicking Horse and STEP, we far surpassed our previous record of sleeves installed and sleeves shifted in a single trip. It’s a testament to the reliability of our Multistage Unlimited pinpoint technology and to the outstanding teamwork on this milestone project.”

“The exceptional innovation and extensive expertise that all four companies bring to the table has consistently been a driving force behind these milestone projects,” comments Paul Poohkay, vice president operations at Kicking Horse. “This collaboration allows us to move past traditional operations, and test boundaries in our industry – and we’re happy to continue taking on new challenges.”

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