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Coiled tubing; it’s where we got our beginning and it’s what made us a major player in the energy services sector. It’s what gave us the momentum to move into additional service lines, in response to clients’ needs. We are the experts in applying fit-for-purpose coiled tubing technology to increase reservoir performance in well completions and well intervention projects for our clients.

We are an industry leader and the innovator of coiled tubing equipment, capable of servicing wells at extended reach depths, more efficiently and safer than ever before. We offer ultra-capacity coiled tubing spreads designed to reliably and efficiently service the increasingly challenging intervention programs in the unconventional oil, gas, and liquids rich plays in North America.

All of our coiled tubing units are designed for 44.5 mm to 73.0 mm (1-3/4" to 2-7/8”) OD tubing with lengths that service the extended reach challenges of today’s horizontal wellbore. Injector specifications have been selected to meet the demands of 24-hour continuous operations, and downhole pressures our clients are encountering.


  • Wellbore cleanout of fracturing or produced sand, scale, and wax
  • Overbalanced/underbalanced milling and scraper treatments
  • Placement and retrieval of production plugs, packers, and retainers
  • Logging, perforating, and deployment of specialized completion tools
  • Stimulation techniques including matrix acidizing and fracturing
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Recognizing the need for improved operational efficiencies for clients employing multi-well pad drilling techniques with challenging horizontal well programs, we have designed a revolutionary ultra-capacity spread. The spread which consists of the COMMAND CENTER, ultra-capacity reel trailer and the STEP-ARM (Articulating Rotational Mast) is designed to:

  • Increase pad efficiencies: service multiple wells without repositioning equipment
  • Reduce operational times: rig-up times are reduced; unit does not have to be re-spotted to service another well
  • Increase mast height: mast can be erected to greater than 27 meters (88 feet)
  • Increase reel capacity: reel trailer carries up to 6,800 m/22,300 ft of 73.0 mm/2-7/8”
  • Improve onsite safety: the use of the STEP-ARM decreases critical lifts; operators monitor the coiled tubing operations from inside the COMMAND CENTER and are not in proximity of potential operational hazards

PDF Ultra-capacity Specifications


By using our mast technology, an additional crane is eliminated, minimizing the lease footprint and improving rig up times, injector stability, and most importantly, worker safety. Mast units are ideal for single well operations, or smaller two to three well pads.

Our specialized mast unit improves onsite safety through:

  • the elimination of a crane to support the injector minimizes the risk of critical lift operations
  • the elimination of a full-time crane operator reduces the potential of human error
  • the location of the unit controls allow for safe operation and better visibility
  • the overall greater resistance to wind forces by utilizing a mast unit instead of a crane

PDF Mast Unit Specifications


Our large-capacity conventional coiled tubing units are adaptable and capable of maximizing efficiency and results in today’s horizontal well intervention programs. They require the use of a crane and crane operator, and have a pulling capacity of up to 100,000 lbs.

PDF Conventional Unit Specifications

Custom Coiled Tubing Support Unit

Our custom coiled tubing support unit allows for improved flexibility and operator safety during rig-up and pressure testing. The unit hosts a mobile, remote BOP accumulator system that ensures operations exceed all regulatory requirements. In addition, the units feature hydraulic torque wrenches for improved worker safety, a backup generator for the coiled tubing unit, and a mobile BOP pressure testing station.

PDF Support Unit Specifications


As a part of the STEP-IQ suite of products, STEP’s fiber optic technology - deployed inside coiled tubing - gives the operator the ability monitor downhole conditions along the entire wellbore. The fiber cable measures temperature (DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensing) and acoustics (DAS - Distributed Acoustic Sensing). This real-time data is sent to surface and provides the information required to make immediate, strategic decisions to optimize treatment programs.

PDF STEP-IQ Fiber Optics Specifications


STEP’s e-coil is an integrated solution to convey real-time analysis of horizontal completion and production operations. This integrated line allows for normal coiled tubing (CT) operation with the option of controlling through-tubing electric tools. With our e-coil solutions, the line can be installed inside various CT strings dependant on wellbore requirements. More conventional deployment methods for e-line in horizontal wells can require tractor-in conveyance, which can be expensive, limited, and risky. Utilizing STEP’s e-coil helps to ensure successful and efficient operations.

  • Power and transmit data to and from downhole tools
  • Real-time monitoring always in communication with tool. Eliminates memory tool failure and wasted time on location
  • Robust e-line design
  • Up to 5,700 m (18,700 ft) of 50.8 mm (2") coiled tubing
  • 9/32" monoconductor Camesa cable of high current conduction, rated to 260°C (500°F)
  • Bulkhead for cable communication on surface and pressure isolation
  • Mechanically connected cablehead to provide electrical connection between cable and bottom hole assembly
  • Continuous circulation through coil during logging operations
  • Go beyond limitations of slickline/tractor by using a reliable conveyance method
  • Real-time decision making can speed up operations

PDF E-Coil Specifications

Two of STEP’s new coiled tubing spreads are now equipped with intelligent milling software. The iMill is a breakthrough technology with a fully automated control system to drastically improve efficiencies, reduce pipe fatigue and dummy trips, and optimize down-hole milling operations by reducing milling time and costs while extending the coiled tubing string life. STEP is the only company in Canada currently using this technology.

The iMill system uses closed loop controls to optimize down-hole milling operations based on user configurable parameters. This provides a dynamic and reliable means of automated downhole milling that is completely controlled from a touch screen display. The system also generates a milling report upon job completion that details an analysis of system performance.


PDF Coiled Tubing Solutions iMill Specifications

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