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By using a complete suite of coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing services, energy producers can save time, money and hassle through improved logistics, increased efficiencies and enhanced project monitoring.

  • N2 cleanouts and purging
  • Well kick-arounds
  • Nitrified acid assists
  • Foam cementing assists
  • Nitrified fracturing fluid assists/foam
  • UBD assists
  • Pressure testing vessels
  • Stored fluids withdrawal
  • Pipeline pigging
  • Facility purging
Do you have a question about our services, or a comment about your nitrogen pumping challenges? Click here and one of our technical sales representatives will get back to you with a solution.
Nitrogen pumping unit

Our nitrogen pumping units are capable of supplying up to 85 scm/min, with up to a 7,500 scm storage tank capacity, providing solutions for a wide range of applications. The integration of a nitrogen fleet into our coiled tubing services minimizes logistical concerns and increases job efficiencies. It also allows us to address the individual needs of our clients and enhance the quality of service we provide.


PDF Nitrogen Pumping Unit Specifications

Nitrogen pumping unit

Our nitrogen transport units are part of our ancillary services, supporting nitrogen, coiled tubing and fracturing operations. By having additional N2 readily available, logistical concerns are reduced and clients can be assured their needs will be taken care of for continuous operations. The units are designed with hydraulic pump off capabilities, increasing the versatility of our nitrogen fleet.


PDF Nitrogen Transport Unit Specifications

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