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STEP-PLEX™ diverting agents are unique multi-modal diverting technologies tested in dynamic conditions that combine a number of environmentally friendly, slow degrading solids used as temporary blocking agents. The systems are excellent blocking agents for fluid loss prevention, bridging, loss circulation prevention, conductivity improvement and fracture fluid diverting. STEP-PLEX™ is uniquely customized depending on the desired application, time and temperature. The rate of degradation can be controlled from hours to weeks depending on the product, particulate size and down-hole conditions. Click here to see the animation explaining the use of STEP-PLEX™ in the field. 

Operational Benefits:

  • Degrade leaving no damage to the formation 
  • Excellent bridging agent, forms a very stable bridge up to 10mm
  • Particle size distribution is optimized based on fracture geometry testing
  • Compatible with aqueous and hydrocarbon fluid systems
  • Custom dissolution times based on application

New Well Completions

Conventional methods of fracturing rely on rock stresses to indicate where the rock breaks. This can lead to over stimulation of a single fracture and poor stimulated rock volume. Diverting agents are used to isolate dominate flow areas of the wellbore and redirect the proppant and fracture fluids to new sections of the reservoir. This method of fracturing increases fracture complexity resulting in improved production performance.

Refracturing Services

In addition to the development of new wells, many producers have found value in the remediation and revitalization of existing wells. Refracturing technology has changed significantly with the trend moving towards more proppant and tighter fracture spacing to maximize stimulated rock volume, estimated ultimate recovery, and improve project economics.

Based on a thorough investigation of the completion history, reservoir characteristics and field samples, STEP’s expert engineering team can customize a fracturing treatment schedule to increase stimulated rock volume with far-field or near wellbore diverting material.

What We Do

" (The STEP) team’s professionalism, problem solving and willingness to work collaboratively [is] a major differentiator and the bundling of both coil and frac led to efficiencies for [us] in the completions process. "

Senior Producer

"I was thoroughly impressed by the rigorous pre-planning that was done by STEP’s engineers and their commitment to the project. Thanks to STEP’s deep coiled tubing equipment and operations team, we were able to accomplish what most people in the industry didn’t think was possible."

Production Manager

"STEP has shown a strong safety culture. Supervisors are well informed on policies and procedures and have shown good leadership during problem solving. Frequent field visits from company leadership gives them opportunity to develop personal relationships with crews."

On-site client representative

"I would like to sincerely thank Mike Burvill and the entire team at STEP for their tireless work and dedication towards completing this well. I was impressed by their entire team, who assisted us day and night in the execution of this completion program."

Garth Braun, CEO & Director, Blackbird Energy Inc.

“I have been in this industry for six years and I always look forward to working with this company as I know the crews will be wonderful. I can't express to you the extent this makes me feel welcome, supported and safe to preform my job."

Brittany Paige, on-site first aid attendant

“Thank you for having a great nitrogen crew with us in Buick Creek, BC this past week. They did a great job and are very personable employees… Great job.“

D.Hicks Well Servicing Consulting Ltd.

"STEP is a competitive, performance oriented company with the right core values in safety and efficiency. Their team of professionals have helped deliver our pursuit of Goal Zero in an environment that looks for opportunities to create value for their customers. They have great people and solid equipment to service our needs in the Montney.”

Completions and Well Intervention Superintendent

"This really comes as no surprise. STEP not only preaches safety, but they practice it with pride. Every crew I have worked with has demonstrated this over and over again."

Completions and Well Intervention Supervisor in response to STEP's high COR Audit score

"[STEP has] addressed the challenges of long, deep horizontal wells and has built a first-class team to run built-for-purpose equipment that helps the producer deal with the milling difficulties in these long reach wells. They are a quality operation."

Well Servicing Superintendent

"Recently, STEP Energy Services was called out to perform a milling operation on one of my wells. This well was technically challenging due to depth, trajectory and wellbore pressures. Once on location, STEP’s technical professionals performed the rig up and execution of the proposed job flawlessly. I was truly impressed with both the crews safety culture and purpose built equipment. I will not hesitate to call STEP back in the future for my coiled tubing needs."

Senior CWI Engineer

"Thanks to the [STEP] crew for doing an excellent job on site this past weekend. The crew went above and beyond and I was very pleased with their performance. I’d gladly take that crew back any time."

Onsite Representative