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About STEP

Company Highlights

November 12, 2019

Restore your existing, low-pressure wells and increase production with STEP-IQ™ real-time data services.

Access to real-time downhole data has become a focus for producers looking to get more out of their stimulation and completion strategies.  Operators realize you cannot optimize what is not being monitored.  STEP-IQ™ real-time data services provide reliable, real-time, downhole measurements allowing operators to evaluate critical job parameters and make instant decisions to improve treatment programs.

STEP Energy Services are the experts in e-coil conveyance of downhole telemetry technologies, which is one segment of the STEP-IQ suite of products. STEP has performed 150 e-coil operations in the last 18 months, running over 1,115,000 meters of e-coil, which can reach depths up to 7,000 meters. From plug and port milling, to cleanouts and specialized operations using new ultrasound-based imaging technology, STEP has demonstrated there are no limits when it comes to e-coil. In the past, operators have steered clear from e-coil stating it’s too expensive and not reliable, but STEP has proven it is affordable with the ability to use the same tools, same speeds and same pumping rates as a conventional string.

“Since introducing our STEP-IQ suite of services, we have performed a number of different jobs with e-coil, showcasing our ability to adapt to market needs and provide solutions that are in-demand – another way we continue to deliver an Exceptional Client Experience,” says Todd Rainville, vice-president sales and engineering. Rainville notes, “Times are tough, budgets are tight and drilling new wells is not necessarily an option. We recognize this and are looking to partner with producers to help them restore their existing, low-pressure wells and increase production using STEP-IQ.”

Real Operations: Real Results

Case Study # 1 – Operational Efficiency

STEP has proven the ability to mill composite bridge plugs faster than frac ports by using e-coil. In a recent operation, STEP’s client saw a 10 per cent reduction in operating hours when using e-coil, resulting in lower completion costs and a positive impact to the bottom line.

Case Study #2 – Fewer Wiper Trips

By using e-coil and STEP-conneCT, a downhole real-time data acquisition tool, it was decided by a key client to eliminate normally scheduled wiper trips. A single example of this milling efficiency resulted in operating times reduced by seven hours and cost savings of approximately $16,000 (includes operational time, cycling meters and chemicals).

Case Study #3 – E-Coil and STEP-PLEX™

STEP-PLEX™ is a unique diverting technology, which is pumped downhole and used to temporarily isolate flow areas of that wellbore with the intent of either redirecting the proppant and fracture fluids to new sections of the reservoir (refracturing), or changing the circulation pressure (coiled tubing).  In low bottomhole pressure (BHP) wells where maintaining circulation is challenging, STEP-PLEX can be pumped through coil and the bottomhole assembly (BHA) to temporarily isolate leakoff in the formation.  The technology allows operators to reassess wells requiring a cleanout or millout where the economics and risk were previously unfavorable. Using STEP-PLEX paired with e-coil and STEP-conneCT, the return-rate increased even as more potential leakoff points were exposed. STEP’s team of operations professionals reached 5,200 meters, unlocking 1,000 meters of new productive lateral which marked an increase in production.

For more information watch the STEP-IQ video or read the STEP-conneCT case study.

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