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About STEP

Company Highlights

February 27, 2015

Check out the latest aerial video of the STEP-ARM

Our new video can be viewed here

Calgary, AB (February 27, 2015) – Check out our latest video which shows the ultra-capacity spread (COMMAND CENTER, ultra-capacity reel trailer and STEP-ARM) on a five well pad for a client in NW Alberta. It took 16 minutes for the ARM to move from the first well to the second, and the equipment only needed to be repositioned once to reach all five wells. Not only does this new spread increase pad efficiencies, reduce time on-lease and eliminate potential risks associated with critical lift operations, but advancements in equipment design allow us to provide clients over 6,800 m of 73.0 mm (2-7/8”) diameter tubing for extended reach applications.

STEP is redefining coiled tubing. Let us help you redefine your operations.

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