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Company Highlights

January 30, 2019

Integrated Solutions for Integrated Operations; the STEP-XPRS Sets Off on its Maiden Voyage

Calgary, AB (January 30, 2019) – On January 23, STEP Energy Services’ (STEP) newly commissioned fracturing spread, the STEP-XPRS, marked its maiden voyage as it travelled to a three well pad for a client in the Viking formation. Three annular coil fracs were performed in which a total of 767 tonnes of proppant were pumped at an average rate of 4m3/min across 59 zones.

This innovative spread, which includes the EPIC (Electric Powered Integrated Combo) 4-in-1 fracturing unit, support trailer, integrated iron trailer and coiled tubing mast unit, uses 30 per cent less equipment than a traditional fracturing operation. This means reduced site traffic, smaller environmental footprint, minimized safety risk, and improved efficiencies. With less equipment and full integration, rig-in times are reduced by 10 per cent which means more up-time.

“The reaction and control of the unit is incredible, and the power and fuel consumption is coming in below what was expected,” Nathan Getschel, director of manufacturing and asset management comments. “The EPIC unit ran quietly and smoothly within the cab as we performed various steps and ramp changes,” adds Getschel on the recent operation. “The automation is integrating quite nicely with an incredible amount of diagnostic data that is intuitively distributed to the operator. This is a truly unique system that we hope all of our clients will have the opportunity to experience.”

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