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About STEP

Company Highlights

February 6, 2019

Introducing the Most Technologically Advanced Coiled Tubing Unit – STEP’s COMMAND CENTER-IQ

Calgary, AB (Feb 6, 2019) – In early January STEP’s new COMMAND CENTER-IQ, C25, set off on its maiden voyage for a client in northwest Alberta. During the operation, downhole milling efficiencies were gained by using valuable downhole data retrieved in real-time and from the customizable automation parameters which is a standard feature of the new unit. It has since performed a second e-coil milling operation for the same client using STEP-conneCT – STEP’s real-time data acquisition tool.

“The client was extremely pleased with the performance of the equipment and crews,” says Todd Rainville, vice president of sales and engineering. “Our clients are impressed that STEP continues to deliver innovative equipment given the challenging times in the energy industry. We are the only service company providing real-time, bit face measurements, allowing our clients to make decisions with certainty, rather than relying on surface data alone,” adds Rainville. This is the second piece of new equipment the company has released in 2019, along with the STEP-XPRS fracturing spread.

Chris Zager, director coiled tubing services comments, “The COMMAND CENTER-IQ not only speaks to our commitment to the Exceptional Client Experience, but it also delivers the Exceptional Employee Experience with its customized automation, top-of-the-line operator displays and sensors. This gives our professionals valuable decision-making tools that make their jobs easier and more efficient.”

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