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About STEP

Company Highlights

November 7, 2014

STEP Completes its Largest Multi-Stage Acid Stimulation

Calgary, AB (November 7, 2014)– On November 1, 2014, STEP completed its largest multi-stage acid stimulation operation to date, pumping over 750m3 of synthetic acid for a mid-size producer working in southwest Saskatchewan. One of STEP’s large-capacity masted units was used with 2-7/8” string in conjunction with the Company’s twin quintaplex pumps.

By tying together three of STEP’s fluid pumping units, which take on the job of a data van, chemical van and blender combined, the producer was able to eliminate the need of an entire frac crew. STEP’s operations team successfully completed 25 frac stages on one well with an open-hole completions technique.

“Even though coiled tubing is the backbone of our company and it’s what we’re known for, it’s important to recognize the milestones our fluid and N2 divisions accomplish on a regular basis,” says Rory Thompson, director of operations. “This frac-through-coil job is a huge achievement for our fluid pumping team and they should be proud of their flawless execution,” adds Thompson.

Marc Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing adds, “Our clients continue to come back to us time and time again, not only because we live up to our promise of delivering an exceptional client experience, but because we listen to their needs. The client required an economical solution for their frac job, so by using STEP’s fluid pumps, they realized a cost savings of approximately 30 per cent.”

Whether used in conjunction with a coiled tubing unit or for standalone projects, STEP’s fleet of 18 fluid pumping units is fully integrated with redundant twin quintaplex pumps. Engine size and pump performance have been selected to support larger OD coiled tubing operations or standalone pump down treatments with 24-hour continuous operations. The units provide improved flow rates and annular flow velocities at design circulation pressures. In addition, the units feature an in-line, heated, chemical additive system which improves the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of milling and cleanout applications.


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