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About STEP

Company Highlights

November 20, 2013

STEP Performs the Deepest 2-7/8" CT Operation in North America

Calgary, AB (November 20, 2013) – Early in the fourth quarter, STEP Energy Services introduced the longest string of 2-7/8” coiled tubing, manufactured in one continuous length, in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.  Since then, the company has performed the deepest 2-7/8” coiled tubing operation in North American history reaching a depth of 6,272 metres.

“This is an operational milestone not only for our company but for our industry as well,” says Steve Glanville, COO.  “We continue to see companies drilling deeper, more technically challenging horizontal wells in order to access the massive reservoirs of shale gas and tight oil in the WCSB.  Service companies must keep pace and offer innovative solutions to help producers meet their capex initiatives.”

STEP expects to add four additional coiled tubing spreads to its fleet by the end of the first quarter of 2014.  STEP will also release a new-to-industry unit called the STEP-ARM (Articulating Rotational Mast) at the end of 2013 which will deliver further operational efficiencies to clients employing multi-well pad drilling programs.   With its ability to revolve a complete 360 degrees, and its 27 metre mast height, the STEP-ARM is designed to increase pad efficiencies and surpass the on-site capabilities of a traditional crane.

"We are extremely excited about the STEP-ARM," said Glanville. "These units will efficiently service multiple wellheads from a single rig-up and are well suited for the increasing number of long lateral intervention programs in the Montney, Duvernay and Horn River basins.  Between the deepest coiled tubing operations using 2-7/8” and the release of the STEP-ARM, STEP is changing the way coiled tubing operations are executed in the industry.”

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