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Case Studies


Reaching Record Depths

In 2018, STEP achieved a record-breaking coiled tubing depth of 7,325 meters (24,032 feet) with minimal downtime, the utilization of leading-edge technology and all while keeping safety at the forefront.

Case Study

Increased Pumping Hours

We are pumping more hours per day than almost any other fracturing service provider in North America. And when time is money, seconds matter.

Case Study

Milling as a Guarantee

STEP seeks to continuously support clients to ensure maximum well production, increase operational efficiencies and reduce current and future well intervention costs.

Case Study

STEP-ConneCT Outperforms Surface Measurements

Forewarned is forearmed - in crucial moments, STEP-conneCT provides real-time awareness to empower decision making..

Case Study

Fiber Optics

STEP Energy Services leverages modern technology that allows operators to make better decisions in real-time. STEP-IQ fiber optic solutions deliver realtime data accuracy and value for operators.

Case Study

STEP-conneCT vs Conventional Milling

STEP Energy Services explores the value of real-time data acquisition tools vs conventional milling techniques.

Case Study

STEP-ConneCT and STEP-PLEX LCM in Low Pressure Wells

STEP Energy Services combines STEP-conneCT and STEP-PLEX™ LCM in coiled tubing interventions to reduce operational time and cost while improving reachable depth in low pressure wells.

Case Study

STEP-ConneCT Used to Analyze String Failure

STEP Energy Services used STEP-conneCT, a data acquisition tool to analyze the root cause of a coiled tubing string failure. An unconventional method that allowed the job to be executed safety and efficiently.

Case Study
Midstream & Downstream Nitrogen Solutions

Facility Purging with Nitrogen

STEP recently executed the successful nitrogen purge and oxygen-free start-up of a large scale, sour gas facility

Case Study

Pipeline Pressure Test

A Canadian energy transportation company relied on STEP Energy Services for technical and infield execution of its recertification pressure test during a time-sensitive outage.

Case Study

Pipeline Commisioning

STEP Energy Services successfully commissioned a pipeline system delivering technical support that ensured for a safe and predictable start-up.

Case Study

Pipeline Hibernation

A new Alberta pipeline system under construction relied on STEP Energy Services for safe hibernation while waiting for system commissioning.

Case Study

Pipeline Drying

STEP Energy Services recognized an opportunity to improve upon the execution of drying practices used in-field by understanding the effect of dry gas - nitrogen - and the role it plays in achieving dew point in a predictable manner.

Case Study

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