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STEP’s team of laboratory professionals bring a wealth of experience in stimulation chemistry in fracturing, acidizing, and production enhancement. Our technical specialists work closely with the field to engineer optimal fit-for-purpose solutions for fracturing and coiled tubing operations.

Fracturing fluids are designed to maximize production, formation permeability, and proppant conductivity. Whether it is a crosslinked gel, slickwater, or anything in between, STEP’s chemical additives are designed for optimal performance at economic pricing and customized on a client-by-client basis.

Refracturing materials are developed and optimized in the lab to ensure diverting performance under dynamic conditions under turbulent flow. This ensures complete dissolution of the product in a timely matter depending on completion needs. See Refracturing Solutions for more information.

Additives for coiled tubing operations are designed to improve milling and clean-out operations. Working with engineering and operations allows for enhanced additive packages to allow for higher Reynolds numbers by removing debris from wells more effectively. This ultimately leads to less wiper trips, less gel sweeps, and less time on location, resulting in significant cost savings for the client.



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