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"The essence of our difference is in our execution."
Regan Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, STEP Energy Services is a technically focused, oilfield service company providing specialized coiled tubing and associated pumping and support equipment to service the deep horizontal well market in Western Canada, south Texas and Louisiana. In response to client needs, STEP added hydraulic fracturing services to its Canadian asset base. STEP has built its team of fracturing professionals and business strategy with the same attention to execution, preventative maintenance, HSE, engaged culture and core values that led to the successful growth of its coiled tubing and fluid pumping solutions.

STEP is currently the third largest pressure pumping company as measured by horsepower in Western Canada.


The Exceptional Client Experience

Step Energy Exceptional Client Experience

As the experts in pressure pumping services, our professionals are passionate about the execution of safe projects and are committed to providing energy producers an unparalleled level of service; what we like to call an "Exceptional Client Experience", or the “ECE”.

The ECE means providing each individual client with effective and efficient solutions for their well stimulation and intervention challenges and, then, most importantly, following through with operational excellence. It means going above and beyond the client’s expectations and delivering a service, whether it's from our office or a project location, that is unmatched by our competition. Everything we do is predicated on this client service strategy.

Our ECE promise includes a team of caring professionals, predictive and preventative maintenance program, dedicated site manager, technical specialist support 24/7, and a passionate commitment to safety. Examples of a few of our key differentiators include:

  • Operational Efficiencies - Our purpose-built equipment is designed to improve operational efficiencies and productivity in extended reach wellbore designs, and is a testament to our dedication to keeping clients' needs top of mind. STEP solutions are designed to maximize surface efficiencies while providing advanced downhole productivity.
  • Technical Expertise - In-office and field technical specialists make up our engineering team and they are constantly challenging the status quo of the pressure pumping industry. As an industry leader, we outperform the competition on complex well stimulation and intervention programs providing collaborative services, customized solutions and real-time data monitoring for today's challenging horizontal well bore operations. From field and office research to 24/7 technical support, our team of experts deliver innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions to clients on a daily basis.
  • Preventative Maintenance Program - We have the newest fleet of coiled tubing, pressure pumping equipment in Western Canada and we take pride in our top-of-the-line service offerings. In fact, we care about our equipment so much we take a proactive approach to maintaining our equipment rather than reacting to failures. Most importantly by using a predictive maintenance approach, our NPT is kept to a bare minimum and our clients are not affected by equipment downtimes. Click here to view more details on our industry-leading maintenance program.
  • Unique Operational Set-up - The operational set-up we've designed includes a dedicated site manager, establishing one point of contact between the client and team of field professionals. Each site manager is responsible for coordinating field operations, HSE and ticketing. STEP site managers are true leaders and are genuinely invested in the STEP culture; they are driven to provide an exceptional client experience. By having a site manager, we can ensure consistency between crews, streamlined logistics and clear communication with our clients.

At STEP, the ECE is our promise to uncompromising service every step of the way. Are you receiving an Exceptional Client Service?

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What We Do

We are the experts in applying fit-for-purpose coiled tubing, pumping and hydraulic fracturing technology to increase reservoir performance in well stimulation and intervention projects for clients operating in unconventional oil, gas, and liquids rich plays in North America.

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At STEP Energy Services, we are proud of our unique corporate culture. It’s what sets us apart from the competition and has helped us quickly become one of the fastest growing service companies in the energy industry. We are focused on providing a level of client service that hasn’t been seen before.

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