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Coiled Tubing

The Largest Deep Capacity Coiled Tubing Provider in North America
An unmatched portfolio of deep-capacity coiled tubing units is one of many things that set us apart from our competitors.

Second-to-None Engineering — Service Above All
With large engineering teams based in-country throughout Canada and the U.S., we offer client support unmatched in the North American coiled tubing sector.

STEP IQ™ — Real-Time Data Services
STEP is committed to bringing the best technology to market. In Canada, we have the largest and deepest fleet of e-line, making it possible for our clients to monitor and optimize performance.

Integrity Is Everything

Our clients deserve reliable, safe, and optimized equipment to minimize their operating costs. STEP’s coiled tubing life management program is a stringent quality control system that actively works to prevent corrosion, maintain integrity, and ultimately, extend the life cycle of a coiled tubing string.

REMOTE Intervention Monitoring

STEP offers a software platform that enables clients to monitor and analyze coiled tubing operations and job data, in real-time. Cloud-based job data collection and storage provides instant access to job data from anywhere in the world.

  • Remote monitoring for real-time decisions
  • Real-time friction matching and trend analysis
  • Download current and historical operational data
  • 24-hour access to consolidated operational data



With lateral lengths increasing, our coiled tubing equipment and technology have evolved to meet the demands of ever-increasing good depths and challenges. We base our focus on technological innovation and pursue maximum quality, efficiency, and automation throughout our intervention portfolio to ensure safe and cost-effective operations.  
Our clients benefit from a comprehensive and unique equipment portfolio of 33 deep-capacity coiled tubing units across Canada and the U.S. including:

Intermediate Conventional Units

These units are adaptable and capable of maximizing efficiency and results in today’s horizontal well intervention programs.

Features and Specifications:

  • Pulling capacity of 80,000 lbs
  • Equipped with HR680 injector
  • Real‐time CT force and fatigue monitoring
  • Class 4 well control equipment (high pressure)

Conventional Units

Features and Specifications:

  • Pulling capacity of 130,000 lbs
  • Equipped with CSI-130  injector
  • Real‐time CT force and fatigue monitoring
  • Class 43 well control equipment (high pressure)

Standard Conventional Units

Length (Metric) Length (Imperial)
> 7,000 m > 22,966 ft.
> 7,000 m > 22,966 ft.
> 6,250 m > 21,720 ft.
> 5,230 m > 17,160 ft.
>  4,500 m > 14,756 ft.

Mast coiled tubing units

STEP’s large-capacity, mast coiled tubing units are designed for 44.5 mm to 73.0 mm (1-3/4" to 2-7/8") OD tubing. Injector specifications have been selected specifically to meet the demands of 24-hour continuous operations.

Maximum Reel Capacities

Coiled Tubing OD Length (Metric) Length (Imperial)
44.5 mm (1 - ¾") > 7,000 m > 22,966 ft.
50.8 mm (2") > 7,000 m > 22,966 ft.
60.3 mm (2-⅜") > 6,250 m > 21,720 ft.
66.7 mm (2-⅝") > 5,230 m > 17,160 ft.
73.0 mm (2-⅞") >  4,500 m > 14,756 ft.

Ultra-capacity spreads

The ultra-capacity conventional CT spread is designed to increase reel capacity, improving operational efficiencies for clients employing multi-well pad drilling techniques with challenging horizontal well programs. Reel trailers can carry up to 6,800 m (22,300 ft) of 73.0 mm (2-7/8").

Ultra-capacity spreads

Coiled Tubing OD Length (Metric) Length (Imperial)
44.5 mm (1 - ¾") 17,980 m 59,000 ft.
50.8 mm (2") 13,650 m 44,800 ft.
60.3 mm (2-⅜") 9,900 m 32,500 ft.
66.7 mm (2-⅝") 7,900 m 25,900 ft.
73.0 mm (2-⅞") 6,800 m 22,300 ft.

Offerings, Capabilities and Systems

Work with the industry's most trusted e-coil provider

Here are just a few of STEP’s real-time intervention and well diagnostics capabilities:

E-Coil - Experience in Intelligent Intervention
Go-Pin Adapter
STEP-ConneCT Real-Time Milling
Command Center

Case Studies

STEP-ConneCT and LCM in Low Pressure Wells

Combining real-time downhole telemetry and lost circulation material optimizes milling and intervention operations in low pressure wells.

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IDEX Remote Monitoring

Understand and improve coiled tubing operations with the IDEX remote monitoring platform.

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