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Nitrogen Industrial Services

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STEP’s engineering team will tailor solutions for the unique challenges of your pipeline and facility projects.
They can offer you expert guidance and service, from start to completion, to help you achieve your goals.

The Leader in Major Project Commissioning and Maintenance 

STEP provides  pipeline commissioning and maintenance services. We believe that our clients deserve accountability, so we strive to deliver consistent and exceptional service in every interaction.

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Our team of experts specialize in ensuring an Exceptional Client Experience. This means the safe and efficient operation of pipelines to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime in all of our applications.

  • Pipeline commissioning and maintenance
  • LNG and facilities commissioning and maintenance
  • Carbon capture underground storage (CCUS)
  • Commissioning and maintenance
  • Chemical solutions

Offerings, Capabilities and Systems

Chemical Solutions
Multi-channel Pipeline Environment Survey Tool: Identifying Deficiencies in Pipelines

Case Studies

Sales Sheet

With over a decade of experience, we have built a reputation of delivering nitrogen and industrial services solutions on time and on budget.

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Facility Purging with Nitrogen

STEP’s nitrogen purge and oxygen-free start-up of a large-scale sour gas facility resulted in significant time savings for a client.

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Pipeline Commissioning

We safely commissioned an Alberta pipeline with parallel lines — one with condensate and one with crude oil — flowing countercurrent.

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Pipeline Drying

STEP conducted a nitrogen gas line dry on a new 12 km NPS26 pipeline, achieving targets and exceeding client expectations.

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Case Study: Optimizing Pipeline Hibernation With Corrosion Mitigation

STEP optimized pipeline hibernation by effectively mitigating corrosion through a comprehensive corrosion control plan.

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Pathfinder White Paper

STEP successfully conducted a baseline geometry survey using the Pathfinder Tool to identify any anomalies within the pipeline system.

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