GO-Pin Adapter Cable Heads

Seamless Performance

To provide operators with a full-service solution, STEP offers GO-Pin Adapter cable heads as part of our STEP-IQ suite of products and services. When combined with STEP’s e-coil, the GO-Pin Adapter provides the same functionality as a traditional cable head with the additional benefit of seamlessly switching downhole tools without performing multiple tool trips.


  • Time savings: no re-heading of tools required and reduces installation time.
  • Cost savings: reduced operating costs and eliminates the need for a third-party vendor.
  • STEP support: STEP’s team of experienced professionals are well-trained and will provide installation of, and on-going support services for, the cable head solution.
  • Compatibility: the GO-Pin is compatible with all electric tools including STEP-conneCT and downhole tools, including imaging, logging, dark vision, and perforating.


  • Similar functionality to a standard cable head adapter
  • Well-control: dual check valves
  • Detach tools from a lodged coiled tubing string using the drop ball activated disconnect
  • Compatible with all downhole tools
  • Durable in varying environments, including high temperatures

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