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We are a community of professionals, united by our culture, core values and dedication to exceptional service. In the office or out in the field — every STEP employee is a professional we trust to get the job done safely.

In the office or out in the field, every STEP employee is a professional we trust to get the job done safely.

Career Paths

Our office professionals are collaborative by nature. That’s why they’ve chosen roles that leverage their listening and communications skills, and how they’re able to build strong working relationships with coworkers near and far. They know that every day is an opportunity to build trust, support organizational goals, and contribute to company-wide safety.

Our field professionals are hard-working and reliable. They take pride in their skills, responsibility for their own safety, and an active interest in the safety of those around them. Whether they’re industry veterans or new to their trades, they know that expertise takes years to develop, and that mutual respect is something that is earned daily.

Exceptional Employee Experience

STEP was founded in 2011 and has grown rapidly ever since. The secret of our success isn’t a secret at all. We have high expectations for our performance and for the value we deliver to clients. Our office and field professionals are working together to deliver the Exceptional Employee Experience every client deserves.


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