Dual-Fuel Hydraulic Fracturing

Maximizing Efficiencies; Minimizing Environmental Impact

Fueling Success Towards a Sustainable Future.

As clients prioritize sustainability targets throughout their operations’ lifecycle, STEP actively seeks ways to assist them in achieving their goals. STEP’s dual-fuel fleets effectively minimize emissions, improve reliability, and reduce well costs.

Minimize Diesel Consumption. Lower Fuel Costs.

By replacing up to 80% of the diesel required for operations, with cleaner burning natural gas, clients can significantly lower fuel costs associated with fracturing operations.

Reduced Emissions.
By displacing diesel with natural gas, clients can effectively reduce emissions associated with their operations. This contributes to improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions,in alignment with your sustainability goals.

The Benefits of Dual-Fuel

STEP’s Dual-Fuel Fleet

STEP’s hydraulic fracturing horsepower includes several different dual-fuel engine types, providing clients the option to displace a portion of their diesel consumption with natural gas.

The Benefits of Dual-Fuel

Utilization of Field Gas, Sales Gas or CNC.

The dual-fuel system allows for the use of field gas, sales gas or CNG to fuel the engines. By utilizing this otherwise flared gas, clients can reduce flaring gas volumes, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

The Benefits of Dual-Fuel

Decrease Diesel Transportation

Switching to natural gas reduces the volume of diesel that needs to be transported to the client’s jobsite. This helps alleviate traffic on local roads, fostering a transportation system that is both sustainable and efficient.

Dual-Fuel calculator

Parameter Input


  Conventional Fleet STEP Dual-Fuel
Daily Diesel Required (L) 63,040 Diesel Required (L) 31,449
Gas Required (scm) 42,886
Savings: $19,302
Well Diesel Required (L) 220,639 Diesel Required (L) 110,072
Gas Required (scm) 150,099
Savings: $67,557
Pad Diesel Required (L) 1,103,196 Diesel Required (L) 550,362
Gas Required (scm) 750,494
Savings: $337,784
Savings: 31%

* This calculator is for information purposes only. All figures shown are estimates.

Dual-Fuel Savings

STEP maximizes dual-fuel efficiency to minimize environmental impact and create significant savings for operators.

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