Large-Bore Manifold Systems

Fewer iron connections. Faster rig-in time.

STEP leverages modern, highly specialized equipment and technology to optimize well stimulation and completion strategies.

Most multi-well pads use multiple segments of iron pipe to deliver the fluid volume required to fracture the formation. Our large-bore system simplifies fluid delivery with a wider-diameter metallic pipe and fewer connection points. The large-bore system is a transformative fracturing solution. It reduces the amount of iron required on location and replaces it with an efficient and reliable skid-mounted system.

Large-Bore Manifold Systems


STEP’s large-bore system significantly reduces leak and spill potential with fewer connection points — from hundreds of connections to approximately 30. It also improves operational efficiencies, reducing time on location and indirectly reducing fuel consumption and related emissions.

On a recent client project involving two pads and 31 pumping days, our large-bore system delivered:

  • 50% fewer iron connections, reducing potential leak sources and potential of injury during set-up and disassembly
  • 66% reduction in iron restraints, providing fewer manual installation/removal hazards and safety hazard points
  • 30% reduction in hoses and hose connections, reducing potential leak or failure points and manual handling risks
  • 50% reduction of rig-in time, reducing worker fatigue and physical stress, and allowing for more maintenance time and safety preparation

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Large-Bore System

STEP’s large-bore system improves safety, operational performance, and productivity while minimizing erosion and extending the life cycle of fracturing equipment.

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