The Most Trusted Real-Time data Acquisition Tool

STEP-conneCT is transforming the industry’s approach to milling and changing the way North American operators perform mill-outs, by eliminating guess work with the most trusted and data driven real-time technology.


Streaming high-quality down-hole measurements

Overcoming the lag of surface measurements, STEP-ConneCT can uncover errors in thinking before they become costly errors in judgment. Measurements include:

  • Circulating Pressure (MPa) 
  • Wellbore Pressure (MPa) 
  • Torque (lbf.ft)
  • Temperature (degC)
  • Weight-on-Bit (daN)    
  • Vibration (gn)

Case Studies

With STEP-ConneCT, STEP continues to improve our clients’ ability to bring more energy to market efficiently and sustainably. You can read about STEP-ConneCT, in the case studies below.

STEP-ConneCT Outperforms Surface Measurement

STEP-ConneCT detected a motor stall during a five-well milling campaign in Alberta, preventing downtime and keeping the campaign on schedule.

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STEP-ConneCT: Head-to-head with Conventional Milling

At a large completion program in Duvernay, wells utilizing STEP-ConneCT and e-coil technology resulted in time savings and peak operation.

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STEP-ConneCT: An Unconventional Solution to String Failure Analysis

By using STEP-ConneCT, an operation in South Texas was able to obtain an accurate picture of their milling operation, enabled by real-time downhole data.

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STEP-ConneCT: Combining Downhole Telemetry and LCM Optimization

STEP-ConneCT provided real-time downhole data that enabled an operator to identify changes in well conditions and make faster decisions.

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