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Fluid Pumping

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When it comes to high-quality nitrogen fluid pumping services, STEP Energy Services is your trusted partner. With experienced and dependable crews, STEP delivers the best the industry has to offer for pipeline, facilities and stand-alone services. 

Our fleet of low and high rate pumps, transport units and storage bulkers provide support for coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing operations and are also used for a variety of stand-alone industrial plant and pipeline service applications. STEP’s high rate N2 pumping units provide 1,350 HHP, 15 scm/min up to 310 scm/min with a two speed drop box, and up to 103MPa (15, 000psi) working pressure.

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We offer a wide range of fluid pumping services for coiled tubing operations and standalone projects:

  • STEP’s fleet is all rated 15K - it’s the largest 15K standalone pumping fleet in Canada
  • Pumping support for coiled tubing operations including efficient and safe chemical and lubricant pumping
  • Pumpdown services for the setting of frac plugs
  • Ball and collete launching
  • Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs) including charting of data and comprehensive data review
  • Remedial acid stimulations including squeezes, selectives, diverted acidizing, nitrified foam treatments, etc.

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